What font(s) can I use on my website? What if I want to use a font I've purchased?


Our Design and Creative team will select the web-fonts based on your branding, preferred tone, and the references you provide. The fonts are usually selected from Google Web Fonts, most of which are free and will display consistently across most browsers and operating systems.

However, if you’d like to use a font you’ve purchased, here are the font files for each font weight (boldness) you’d need to provide:


TrueType Fonts (TTF) OR OpenType Fonts (OTF)


Web Open Font Format (WOFF) AND/OR Web Open Font Format (WOFF 2.0)


Please check the font license thoroughly before using to make sure that you have the rights to use it on your website. Some font licenses may only allow for local computer use (i.e. limit the number of computers you can install the font on), restrict the number of domains it’s used on, or prohibits users from copying or sharing the files with others. Any violation of the font license agreement may result in large fines or the site getting taken down.


Q: What happens if I send in unlicensed fonts to use on the website? 

Companies can and do search the web for unlicensed use of their copyrighted work. You are responsible for verifying that you have the correct permissions to use any content you send to us. If we receive an unauthorized usage notice from the copyright owner for content you’ve sent us, you’ll be liable to pay a fine that ranges from $100s to $1000s.


If you’re not sure you have the correct usage permission for the font you want to send us, we have great fonts that you can use instead! We make sure that any content we source has the correct permissions to be used on your website and will take care of all the hard work for you.




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