How to share your social accounts' credentials?


Please follow the steps below to grant us access to your social media accounts. The access granted will allow us to connect your accounts to Pronto's social media management platform.


In order for us to get access to your Facebook page, we need you to grant administrator rights to our designated social media page for managing our client accounts - 'Pinky Pronto'. Once you've added us as the administrator of the page, we'll go ahead and review the page and make the preliminary optimizations.

How-to add new administrators on a Facebook page:

  1. When viewing your Facebook page, click 'Setting' in the right side bar
  2. Click Page Roles
  3. Add "Pinky Pronto" as an admin and then Save Changes
  4. Put your password and done


To edit your LinkedIn company page, we need you to grant administrator rights to our account. Please connect with 'Timothy Kelsey' - our designated profile for managing our client accounts on LinkedIn. Please follow instructions to make the LinkedIn connection here.

Once the connection is made, please inform us and we'll accept the invitation and send you further instructions on adding us as the administrator to your LinkedIn page.


Twitter accounts do not have administrators, so you'll have to share your account credentials. Please provide the login credentials of your Twitter account - username/Twitter handle, password, and email/phone number that is tied to the account for verification.

Let your designated support agent know once these tasks are complete and we'll accept the invitations to the following accounts. 

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