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This depends on whether you sign up for a Standard website or an Advanced website. The former will take our development team anywhere from 8-12 weeks to complete, while the latter — due to the inclusion of advanced features and potentially eCommerce functionality — can take anywhere from 10-14 weeks (or longer for highly sophisticated websites).

You are certainly welcome to provide the content for your new website, but you do not have to. This is because Pronto has its own Editorial department, staffed by experienced copywriters and editors who can create unique content based on the information you provide us about your business.

Yes, you can. Even though Pronto has its own Editorial department staffed by experienced copywriters and editors, it is not uncommon for customers to direct us to their existing website’s content to use on their new website. (This is particularly true when the aim of the new website is to make design and functionality improvements, rather than copywriting/content improvements.)

Yes, you can. However, we recommend submitting any content update requests to Pronto’s 24/5 Technical Support team. (That said, you will be provided with login credentials so you can access the “back end” of your website, giving you the ability to make changes to content by yourself — but it is not recommended.)

Yes, you can. Just like the content for the homepage and service pages of your website, you can provide the content for the blog pages, too. (That said, Pronto has its own Editorial department staffed by experienced bloggers and editors who can create Customized Blogs based on the information you provide us about your business.)

You can use your own photos, stock photos, or a combination of both. Whether Pronto sources the images from our licensed provider, or receives them from you, our design team will prepare them so they are optimized for your website and brand.

Within 24 hours of signing up for your website service, you will receive an email from Pronto’s production department to welcome you aboard. Shortly thereafter — usually within 5-7 business days — your dedicated project manager will be in touch to kick off the project: They will be your guide and daily point of contact from beginning to end!

Yes, you can. You own the rights to your domain name, so Pronto will work with your domain name provider to conduct a “DNS update” prior to activating your new website. It is a simple technical step that ensures your domain name (which can be registered with GoDaddy,, Bluehost, etc.) connects with our servers where your website is hosted.

We have in-depth articles on how DNS works with the following providers:

  • GoDaddy
  • Cloudflare
  • Namecheap
  • Network Solutions

If your provider is not listed, feel free to ask your Project Manager for assistance or visit our 24/5 online chat via the Pronto Marketing home page.

Yes, we can. The same expertise that goes into developing your primary website is available for creating pitch pages for any products, services, events, or promotions you’d like to advertise; and for creating landing pages that compel visitors to take action such as filling out a form, downloading an eBook, scheduling a consultation, and much more.

Yes, we do. As part of our WordPress installation’s vast feature set, we offer multilingual functionality through a plugin called MultilingualPress. It allows us to set up websites that are identical to your English-language website in about 175 different languages, it allows users to switch between languages within one website, and much more.

Yes, we do. Here is a link to our regularly updated showcase where you can browse our previous work according to industry or feature set. And, you are of course invited to share design ideas, branding guidelines, color schemes, image styles, and anything else you think will help us create a truly customized website for your business.

Your new website will be “hosted” on Pronto’s super-secure servers with support from our infrastructure partner, Amazon Web Services. It will live on our platform — not on your company’s servers or your domain provider’s servers — to ensure the highest-level availability.

Upon signup for website service, you will be charged a one-time Production Fee (This covers the allotment of resources that are required during development of your Standard or Advanced website.)

Then, 30 days after signup, you will be charged your first Monthly Recurring Fee (This covers hosting, platform maintenance, and unlimited technical support during development and after your website is active.)

If you have been with Pronto for more than 12 months, you can take the website content, blog articles, graphic designs, webpage layout, and HTML code when you cancel your subscription. (In other words, you may reproduce the website on your own.)

If you have been with Pronto for less than 12 months, our Terms of Service prohibit your use of the website content, blog articles, graphic designs, webpage layout, HTML code, or any other elements of the website when you cancel your subscription.

Our Website Services & Pricing page has a comprehensive list of features and services that are included in both our Standard and Advanced website subscriptions.

Some of the features and services that are not included in your website subscription are graphic design work, logo design, email management, management of non-Pronto websites, domain hosting service, plugin installation and management, eStore management, or management of any 3rd-party software integrations with your Pronto website.

We will not manage your existing website, but on rare occasions we could host it on our servers while your new website is being built.

DISCLAIMER: We cannot guarantee that your existing website will function optimally when hosted on our servers. Additionally, if our platform maintenance team determines that your existing website would be unsuitable or too complicated to be hosted on our servers, we will strongly advise against it.

Yes, it will, if you have signed up for an Advanced website subscription. Our Advanced websites include customized, fully-equipped eStores with loads of eCommerce features and integrations.

Our Advanced website subscription provides you with a wide array of functions that make online business transactions a snap.

You get everything from personalized storefront designs, to inventory management with packing lists and invoices, to integrations with accounting tools like Quickbooks, plus your choice of hundreds of plugins and dozens of payment gateways, events and ticketing, catalogues and quote requests, and more.

Or, you can keep things simple with uncomplicated products/services listings and a basic form for accepting payments and sending invoices.

Yes, it will. For us, “eCommerce” includes a variety of different types of stores, so you can sell virtual and physical goods, offer subscriptions and memberships, sell tickets to events, and even complete real estate transactions. Our robust directory software allows us to display all kinds of information in compelling ways, such as real estate listings, coach and trainer bios, seminars and classes, and basically anything that requires a detailed description or profile.

Yes, we support directories and profiles for your team members, partners, affiliates, branches, or store locations. Check out some Pronto-built websites using the directory feature here.

Our website support does not include the support for Zapier, however, your website can be integrated with Zapier using webhooks for Gravity Forms. Should you like to learn more, feel free to send an email message to to start a chat with our 24/5 Support team.

Yes, we will help troubleshoot and configure any plugins that Pronto supports. Click here to see a list of plugins we currently support. If you don’t see the plugin you’d like to use, let us know and we’ll talk to our development center about adding it, or help you find an alternative.

Pronto does not offer translation services, per se, but we do develop websites in many languages besides English. So let’s say your primary website is in English, we can simply clone it and then recreate all the content in another language of your choice. We have developed countless sites in the local language (Thai), as well as in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, and more.

Yes, we do. Pronto is first and foremost a marketing company, with experience not only in developing compelling websites, but with search engine optimization and Google Ads, blogging and eBooks, retargeting advertising, call tracking, and more.

And, we offer a program called Growth Management, which provides clients with their very own marketing strategist to dive deep into your business and develop a detailed, customized, marketing plan focused on your long-term goals. In short, Pronto helps companies of all shapes and sizes truly Shine Online.

Pronto can boast of “five nines” availability, which means we guarantee that your website will be online 99.999% of the time. Our hosting provider and infrastructure partner, Amazon Web Services, hosts websites and online applications for some of the world’s largest companies. You can read more detailed explanations of how our Platform works here.

Yes, we do. You can count on robust, 24/5 technical support from our experienced team of developers, designers, and marketing experts with the option of submitting a support ticket online, chatting with one of our Support representatives during regular business hours, or scheduling a call with a Support representative to discuss your question on the phone. You can read a more detailed explanation of how Pronto’s Website Support Team works here.


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